Design, production, implementation; all brought under one roof.

Our Services


We mix our experience and competence with your dreams to create a pleasant living environment. On a virtual platform, first.


Built-in and movable furniture, digital accessory, lighting and many other products are brougth to life by our workshops. Thus, we say everything is possible.


We were serious. We have it all, carrying out the project is no exception. The process is run by our team and completed just the way you want it.

About Us

Sitting on our dinner table after a long game night; holding a small notepad in one hand, an old pencil in another... A sloppy drawing of our logo, started everything.

We get to work in a small workshop; learned everything at it's own pace without giving up, but losing, improving, progressing. With big aspirations, limited number of people, a tiny workshop and a whole lot of energy; we evolved, expanded.

Looking back, we feel more graditute than anything. Grateful to be doing this, grateful for the opportunity to touch the lives and living spaces of our lovely friends whom we made along the way, precious memories and knockabout stories.

At your service 7/24, regardless of where you are in Istanbul. Department of, what, research and development, production, logistics, supply, architecture, interior design; whatever you need, we are here.

In love with art, respectful to nature, humanity and ideas, strong with vitality... We place a great value on dynamism, youthfulness, and imagination. We made it our purpose to succeed, taking strides forward and sharing your dreams as Art Kafası Architecture family, with dreams greater than ideas. Our friends walking on this path with us; we are grateful for you the most.

Heads of our Team

Tuncel Ö.

CEO - Architect

Elçin A.


Gülçin A.

Purchasing Manager

Burçin D.

CRM Director

Mehmet Fatih D.


Hatice A.

Interior Architect - Team Leader

Seher G.

Interior Architect

Serhat B.

Interior Architect

Zeyit Y.

3D Artist

Elif G.

Accounting Supervisor

Yunus A.

Administrative Affairs Supervisor

Yasin K.

R&D Supervisor

Ahmet G.

Software Developer

Eda K.

Graphic Designer

Harun A.

Digital Content Producer

Şevket Ü.

Building Engineer

Tayyip S.

Construction Supervisor

İsmail K.


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