Fugo Games

Our excitement over mobile game development company Fugo Games goes on. They provided us with a playground that had unlimited potential, so we did our best to put that to use. We will be back on court for a reprise soon.

As if the gym wasn't enough, we've also created a recreation space for Fugo Games with basketball, volleyball, and foot-tennis courts. We do have one complaint, however. Our dear football nemesis; you may be getting out of our league...

You thought we would settle for less? An architecture firm with national atheletes on it's team... You really thought that? Could you look at this the spectrum analyzer our R&D department create... Do you think this gym has anything to do with our matches with Fugo Games Football Team always ending up in score draws?

Project Info

Sarıyer / İSTANBUL
2021 – 2022